Do you want to grow your parade, upscale it or polish it, make it more professional or tweak it? Is your goal to attract more volunteers, revenue and entries? With the number of parades shrinking due to financial considerations, having a better and more polished parade—year after year—will ensure you maintain or expand your entries, sponsors and spectators.

Don’t wait until those numbers start falling. Now is the best time to improve your parade by downloading Ed's book
"Community Parades".  In this book you’ll discover the A to Z’s of starting, running and polishing a community parade. Whether you are new to the endeavor or have been at it for a while, you will find tips, ideas and problem solvers here.

Why bother improving your Community Parade?

Is there an “expert” in this industry? Isn’t every parade unique? This book, the only one of its kind to focus on improving community parades, is written for anyone responsible for or part of one of the forty to fifty thousand parade committees just in the U.S alone. It is written to share parade issues, to exchange ideas and plant a few seeds. More importantly, it is to help you take your parade beyond your current imagination or expectations.

Not only will your parade’s improved stature become the envy of others, you’ll be a stronger political force.

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Everyone loves a parade!  The surprising thing is that community parades are just as popular as expensive and televised ones. The best parade entries use emotions, nostalgia and humor to make the spectators smile and remember them.  Entries need not cost a lot to put together.
Special Reports will show you how to do it for pennies.

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Would you like to win an award for your parade entry? There usually are several or more categories with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. The houses of worship, gymnastic, dance, school and scout groups are usually your main competition for being an award-winning entry.

Why should your business participate in, or improve your entry into your local parade?

Why should elementary schools join or improve their entry into local parades?   

What about local clubs?


Ed has written several Special Reports - available for download now - detailing his suggested steps to a create an award-winning parade entry for pennies. You too can be in your community parade this year! Look through his Special Reports to find the one that fits your category, and find out how to organize, design, and produce an award-winning parade entry for pennies.

How To Produce an Award-Winning Community Parade Entry for Pennies