How To Produce an Award-Winning Community Parade Entry for Pennies


1.  Which of these will help you personally in your life?
Do you want people to view you as:  accomplished, capable, innovative, intelligent, skilled, able, astute, bright, brilliant, clever, creative, far-sighted, imaginative, ingenious, inventive, a leader, organized, an original thinker, perceptive, proficient, resourceful, smart, talented, and/or a visionary?

2.  Would you like to…
improve your relationships, expand your horizons, gain more respect?

3.  How would you feel…
if you attracted the attention of city officials, media mentions other volunteers, sponsors, new friends, new peers, self-satisfying, and new relationships.

4.  What would happen if you created…
a positive image for your boss, prestige for you, bonding moments, branding for you and your 
organization/manager/company/organization, and community; unforgettable moments for families and children, coworkers, and spectators?

5.  What value would it be to you if you showed others...
initiative, that you are a self-starter, you can add value to a job, you can take the ball and run with it, that you stand out from the crowd, that you can act and think for yourself, you stimulate visions for others, management and organizational skills, how to contribute to your community, the spectators, to the parade officials, brought joy to others, built your own self-confidence, show how you can get an edge, how to start or maintain traditions

6.  Will...
 doors open for you in the future
 it strengthen your partnerships
 you earn recognition, a certificate or even monetarily
 your name be mentioned to others
 your name become more recognized
 some people start to look up to you
 others seek you out
 others want to emulate you
 you set an example for others
 you get to top yourself or others

7.  Excerpt from December 2012 Presidents Letter Steven Wood Schamder,
CFEE President and CEO of the International Festival and Event Associations 

“This provides you with a whole new set of opportunities to create those special moments for you, your friends, individuals, for families your community, those special moments, your moment to learn, to build, to imagine, to create, to plan, to share, to help, to provide your own unforgettable, perhaps career or life changing moment, or perhaps to change the world.”